Love brings you home

It’s holiday time again and the house is a buzz with life, arguments and tormenting, movies and TV shows on repeated repeats and constant requests from 4 small beings, all seemingly on the verge of starvation and hospital grade dehydration several times a day. Things are actually pretty perfect…

Brunch pancakes are always a winner, money friendly, tummy filling and relatively easy to make….most of the time.

However this time last year was pretty distressing. We were basically couch surfing in places that were not practical to say the least. Truth be told, we have only had a hand full of places of our own since Lister (the big techy one, usually responsible for the disgruntled complaints from 2/3 of his siblings) was born. I myself only really had one home and those are fleeting memories, tainted by a hellish time suffering at the hands of a child molester. It always falls apart.

For me, moments like these, sitting around eating pancakes together, are heaven. Our previous long term stay was in a house without access to cooking facilities. For $300 a week for one room and a laundry for a bathroom, you can imagine how things eventually started to crack. 2 adults and 5 children in accommodation unsuitable for living while rooms sat empty upstairs with the person upstairs paying less per week than we did (sad to say, this person was by extension, family). You may find yourselves asking “why not just move out?”. Quick answer, we tried. The result of the several attempts would be a driving force that would later see me in the job I’m currently doing and being accepted for positions that have an influence over facilitating change for people who struggled like we did. Like I did.

As this story unfolds, in my customary long way to a short point format, it’ll be easier to understand the relevance of the events I outline. For now I’m breathing out the grief and breathing in our new life. Moments like this I sit in disbelief that we got here. It’s still a total struggle, money is a huge issue and the space will need to be upgraded. STILL we made it this far.

I did it! We did it!

Another key feature in this blog will be paying full credit where it is due to services and friends who played their part in putting me on the path to success. As much as we are all capable of doing things alone, often we don’t have to. Many hands make light work, whether it be as simple as a hug or as complex as lending you space while you get on your feet. Allowing others to help you is a key to getting what you need and often what you desire….

Little things you do with good intentions can set in motion huge changes….

Random acts of kindness are what set the wheels in motion toward me pursuing the life I’d always dreamed of……



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