Modern Day Heroes and Exotic Butters

The world has come a long way from caped crusaders saving people from muggers at midnight. The humble footy star with long hair and scars upon his face aren’t the only people kids are looking up to. Granted though, both are still pillars in the eyes of many children.

My 6 year old has taken a liking to YouTube. I have a couple of friends with channels (Long time friend is on her way to 5K I believe, you should check her out and my son seems to have jumped on board with the modern world. He loved watching over my shoulder when I had my friend’s videos playing. There was one he adored (and is the reason why he thinks it is perfectly reasonable to try eating Vegemite out of the jar). Someone I worked with that he could actually see in real life! “Mum that boy was on your phone, he’s funny! Isn’t he famous? Why does he do your job? You’re not famous!” (Kids! Because who needs self-esteem?!) he hit me with one day. It sparked a conversation about how who we see in forms of media are real people. Some inspire, some are mean, some play pretend but they are all people just like him. I think he started viewing what he saw different from there.

ANYWAY, being the super mega responsible parent I am (as responsible as it gets with a house covered in more Lego than carpet), I thought I should be checking in on what he has been watching. Spend some more time with him while he watches and show an interest in what he’s doing. The ship had sailed on blaming media for him dropping the F Bomb so I had to step it up somehow right haha…hahahaha *clears throat*. Well Mr 6 loves gaming videos and the game of choice in this house for some time now has been FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S. Apparently it is a widespread thing now, which initially I was totally against. I didn’t get how to play the game, it seemed lame and as the kids educated me more, FRICKING HORRIFYING and inappropriate. Ah crap, this was obviously a game right up our alley.

AND THAT’S HOW I FOUND THIS GUY! One of my son’s new heroes…

Intense right? Great fan art (find it here, anyway meet Freddy Faz Bear and the king himself, Markiplier

First video he wanted to show me was by Markiplier ( or Marky Blarn as I thought my son said (Kids and accents, it’s one of my favourite things). I got to to see the game, hear the story and decide/discuss with the kids about boundaries with the game. For example, Don’t take it too seriously, remember it is not real, stop playing if you get too scared or start having nightmares, as always, talk to me if you have questions about any of it. If I see signs of it being a bad influence, I will shut it down. This is coming from a parent who literally turns the power off at the box when they refuse to stop playing and go to bed.

So once we nutted the rules and I wandered around their online world a little, we began looking outside of the game. Now I have to say, Mark is my newest favourite thing. This person has been the catalyst for opening up my relationship with the kids. He is out there but in the right way. Mark has a boyish charm that makes him appealing to all ages. The kind of guy you could handle shaking your head when you introduce him as your son at parties. He is dedicated to his fans as well. My kids have other more popular people they could be idolizing but this, this is the kind of person I’d love my kids to aspire to be.


Like it or not, the world has evolved beyond anyone’s control. Anyone familiar with my story knows my hyper-vigilance about kids safety. The things kids can exposed to are brutal but the real world is even more so. Too much time has passed to keep them shielded from what they will be up against one day. Whether it is the news, movies, social media or YouTube, we can’t save them. We can only teach them how to preserve themselves and if there are people out there preaching messages like this, then more power to the modern hero…


I know you’ll never read it but thank you Mark, and those you collaborate with. It’s an awfully judgmental world out there. You guys show that being yourself is the absolute best thing in the world. Also I truly appreciate being a nerd becoming cool, I needed the boost haha…

….and thank you for choosing exotic butters xX



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