You ain’t ever had a friend like me xX

Kids! Because who needs self-esteem?

We are currently sitting around enjoying my well earned Foxtel privileges, watching Disney movies. Right now it is Aladdin, I told the kids about it and quipped “hey, you look like an old school genie” to #bjjr….

Bj looked at me like I was speaking Japanese, as he stood there in over sized undies he’s stolen from his brother. His blue inside out underwear, tag at the front, reminded me of Mogli and other old school movie originals. He had the traditional nappy clad genie look of old. So I asked him? Honey, can I ask you for three wishes? Just like you were genie?

Bj replied “yes, ofcourse, what is your first wish?

Me: I want all of my kids to grow up happy, to be happy with themselves and understand themselves enough to always know how to get what they always want but never choose to hurt others to get it.

Bj: *looks blankly* Wish blanted!

Me: Blanted, really?

Bj: I dunno what he says?! What’s the next one?

Me: One day I want to see a Broncos grand final, at their home ground!

Bj: Your wish is my command! *he nods his head semi bowing* Your final wish?

Me: Can you send me the love of my life? The greatest most amazing boy ever, who loves us as much as we love him. Like Aladdin. Someone who will fit and love our family in a way it’s like they were born into it and really mean it? (with every intent of hugging him and saying it was him mind you)…

Bj: Uh mum you know you should have just wished for a new car!?

*I think I died a little inside but IF this isn’t an accurate depiction of where our family is, I dunno what is?!*


Cheers son, I’m glad you don’t grasp yet how much I want for your future yet respect the idea BUT I have a better chance of getting an awesome car than a man. I am either completely failing as a human or f@#king nailing being a single mum.

Entertainment plus for all regardless xX


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